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BlockBuilder3D Patchnotes:

Version 1.4.4

This update includes lots of fixes that patched annoying bugs as well as some additions:
- Mud no longer occludes other blocks
- Improved the secret command
- Roses no longer generate inside trees
- Fixed chests (taking stuff from chests can be very buggy, especially with consumable items)
- Roses can now only be placed on grass
- Improved the rose and sapling (tree) texture by removing their top textures
- The hotbar no longer gets hidden in gamemode 1
- Roosters now have the correct walking animation
- Re-added loading screen for user friendliness
- The "start with items" option changed into "starter chest" which when enabled, starts you facing a chest full of loot
- Improved the "debug" item
- x: 64 z: 48

Version 1.4.3 - Infinite world update

Some patches and small additions:
- Modders, Coders, Command users, this is for you: A debug item that lets you build any block (do /give debug;1)
- Added the rose! It spawns everywhere and looks beautiful (Thank you, Varvara!).
- Removed the unused sapling.png texture
- Added block culling, blocks only render if they are adjacent to air
- Some technical changes, including fix of the "block dissapearing glitch".
- Removed Tony

Version 1.4.2 - Infinite world update

Some patches and additions:
- Added Zoom featurre (Z key)
- Added a way of enabling debug mode (\ Key)
- Removed Tony
- Fixed not being able to move and interact with the world on non-english keyboards
- Fixed right click menu from appearing
- Fixed other bugs
- New achievement for exploration
- Warning when loading older world

Version 1.4.1 - Infinite world update

Some patches and additions:
- Fixed chests
- Improved achievement GUI
- Added new achievements

Version 1.4.0 - Infinite world update

Blockbuilder Infinite world update is finally out of beta! This update added a bunch:
- Rescripted and improved all entities' AI for performance
- Item stacking
- Chests
- Randomly spawning houses w/ loot chests
- Added missing recipes
- Changed settings menu into pause menu
- Bug fixes
- Achievements

Version 1.4.0_beta1 - Infinite world update

Blockbuilder Infinite world update is now in beta! This update added a bunch of game-changing mechanics:
- Crafting System
- Diamond Ore
- Diamond Apples
- Diamond block
- Diamond item
- Different ore generation
- Cheat option when creating world
- Improved/Nerfed Roosters
- Iron Axes
- Sticks
- Milk Cows, Acquire Lava: Buckets, Milk Buckets, Lava Buckets
- Fixed auto jump in all entities AIs
- Stone, along with other blocks now breaks slower
- Blocks now have a required tool (Doesn't drop item otherwise)
- Swords and axes slow you down when you use them
- Improved block loading mumbo jumbo
- Secret command ;)

Website News:

5/18/24 - Birthday, 5 de Mayo, Slavic Easter, and more

Hey all! As a result of severe procrastination, this article came a few weeks if not months late. Well, first of all, it was my birthday 53 days ago! I got a cool Kodak camera/photo printer, and I had lots of fun! 2 weeks and 1 day ago, it was also Slavic Easter and 5 de Mayo, so happy celebrations to those who celebrate them! (A tad bit late :<) Other than that however, I am excited to present a new test build for BlockBuilder3D! It has been in a pretty much nearly complete state for 3 weeks now, but here it is, finally here. Play it at here!


A couple days ago, wormholes has come out of beta! This morning, I also published a video on my channel showcasing it. Check out the game here! (this is a link, click me)

2/11/24 - Wormholes is in beta

This is a bit late, but 5 days ago Wormholes has gone into beta! The final, full release is coming very soon! In this update, I added a new level and fixed some bugs related to the pick up tool! Also, I fixed the exploit that let you cheese level 15. Go play it here. (this is a link, click me!)

2/3/24 - Awesome news!

Yesterday, Wormholes went out of it's "snapshot" development stage and is officially in alpha! It has tons of levels, new concepts, and overall less bugs. However a second alpha is definitely necessary because of certain crashes related to the item pick up tool as well as a way to cheat the final challenge level which pisses me off a little bit because you are supposed to use your brain on that level, rather than just cheating it. And there is work being done on Pixelarena! A new map is being developed by a friend which may come in a future content update. Before I go, if you want to play wormholes it can be played here. (this is a link, click me!) Funny thing but if you read the last digits of the date of this article's writing, it will make a 2 3 4. Coincidence? I think not!!! More site updates are about to come! Have a great day!

1/28/24 - Site update!!!!!

Hi guys! This is a big update for my site. As you can see, two broken sections are now marked as under construction, because I intend on changing them! Also, The Pixel Arena permalink widget was removed because it was hard to see and wasnt actually a perma link, and you may also notice that the BlockBuilder3d category is now dedicated to ALL my major games, including BlockBuilder3D! Also, I finally started the Pixel Arena server back up so you can join again! Have a great night y'all! More updates soon!

1/24/24 - new portal game snapshot I wanna share with you all

Hi everyone! Andriy here and I want to let you know that I have been releasing snapshots of the upcoming portal game! Earlier today, I released a snapshot which solved many critical issues (albeit introduced at least 1 new bug) and it can be played here. (this is a link, click me). Do note that unfortunately the red cube is is broken as a result of this new bug, will fix shortly. That's it for today, goodbye! (Also, 1/24/24 is an interesting date :).)

1/21/24 - new year, 10 month hiatus

Happy late new year everyone! ExplodIng_Andrey here. It was nearly a year since the last formal post on my site! I just want to assure everyone who is reading this that MY SITE IS NOT DEAD! I have finally collected myself to write an article to document what new things happened in the past 10 months! The news include: celebrating the new year, lots more game cheating, and the new game I am making. First of all, happy new year 2024! I hope the reader can have an amazing year, more amazing than the last! I no longer cheat on venge.io anymore, venge.io is in the past. Now, I have moved on to voxiom.io, kirka.io, and I have in-progress cheats for cryzen.io and deadshot.io, with plans to make cheats for shellshock.io as well. I am also making a cool new game! This game is inspired by Valve's Portal! It needs some work before a full release but I was sure to release snapshots where my progress can be seen! The latest snapshot of the game is available to try here. This concludes the largest news concerning my projects. Have a good day reader! And know that I WILL update BlockBuilder3D. I WILL update PixelArena. I WILL UPDATE MY SITE MORE! I WILL MAKE MORE CONTENT FOR MY CHANNEL!!!!! RAAH!!!!


GUYS! NO WAY! IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY ON THE 26TH AND I GOT A COOL NEW HOVERBOARD! ALSO, BETA1 HAS BEEN RELEASED! Sorry for not announcing it eariler, it was partially due to the rough launch, where all the epic features for beta1 I SCRUTINIZED before releasing just so magically stopped working, so two days ago I released a fix, beta1_01, which fixed all of the issues. Beta 1 happens to be the biggest update yet, with an ENTIRE MAP EDITOR AND INTEGRATED SERVER! Try it out here: click me. Since I finished beta, I now am free from pixelarena while you all are making maps using my editor, and I have time to work on my youtube channel and hacks for .io games! (Please sub to my channel, I would love it!) OH, ALMOST FORGOT, VHC HIT 10,000 INSTALLS TODAY!! Download it here: click me

3/1/23 - crazy times

I cannot believe this, but venge.io devs actually did something for once! A week ago, venge.io devs actually patched my script, and it seemed like this time, for good. I was so sad, I cried myself to sleep. SIKE!!!! OF COURSE NOT!!! I IMMEDIATELY UNPATCHED IT! LMAO OF COURSE THEY WILL NEVER PATCH IT GO INSTALL IT HERE: link. Also, I started hacking voxiom.io and I am making massive progress on pixelarena right now, I plan to release the first beta by MAXIMUM my birthday, (26th March) so hang tight, a lot of stuff is coming soon!
btw thanks for the 300 subs ily all :3

2/8/23 - Website responsiveness improvement

Finally got myself together and fixed this goshdarn website! Now, elements of the website will not overlap, and you won't have to deal with any ugliness. No need to zoom out/in to make the site look good. And no - no it isn't supported on mobile yet. I'll probably do that by 2025. Also - VHC hit 6,000 installs yesterday! Way to go! Road to 10,000!

12/2/22 - Pixel arena permalink

Pixel arena now has has a permalink on this website. With yesterday's release of alpha4, I have finally decided to give pixel arena a permanent home on this website. Choose a username, and connect now!


Pixel arena is now better than ever! I am actively working towards the stability of this new multiplayer game, to make it as fun as possible. In this update, the game has recieved many great updates! A pause menu, a settings menu, sounds, nametags, third-person and so much more! Choose a username, and go play it here: click me!

11/22/22 - The launch of pixel arena!

Just today, I have launched the first ever multiplayer game on this website! This game is a simple little 3D shooting game with certain assets and code re-used from BlockBuilder3D that is quite fun to play with your friends! Choose a username, and join a game to play. Just to spite venge.io developers, I made my game's anticheat quite good. The game is in alpha, things are bound to break. Do me a favour and help me hack my own game, Any found exploits will be rewarded. Go play the game here!

11/6/22 - Venge.io hacking

About 10 days ago, I have replaced the now defunct school countdown category with something new that actually does require a category, the Venge Hacked Client. VHC has recieved updates in the past few months that made it a professional hacking tool! So, I decided to write up a documentation and installation manual for it. The manual is now in the center of the page, direct link here. Another amazing thing: VHC has also been available available on greasyfork for almost a month now, and we hit 1000 installs just 2 days ago!

8/17/22 - The solution to lag.

We are finally one step closer to solving lag in BlockBuilder 3D! You read this right. We are finally about to solve the lag! BlockBuilder 3D is packed with features, but the bad performance just kills it all. We pin-pointed the main cause of lag to be the physics engine, so we replaced it with our own! This new one allows for further render distance, another long-requested feature! You can try the development build right here:
Play BlockBuilder3D 1.4.4_physicstest.
Please be mindful that this is a test build, and things are bound to break. You can help by reporting glitches related to physics so they can be fixed. This is only the first test build on physics.